Six Nations

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Did any other Neowinians manage to get tickets to this one?

Finally got through after 28 minutes of hammering the website this morning!

With England having routed Wales and Scotland having stunned France it'll be an epic game IMO.

Your predictions?



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I think england to win. The wales match was a very very good match. but i was slighty disappointed at the commentators comments when england had use brute force drive to dive the ball many yards forwards. They said it was boring but i thought it was just great that it showed the power of england and and just how strong the lads are

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It's weird this one, I can see anybody winning at this rate. If England play to the best of their ability then they will win. But I thought France would win, then I saw them against Scotland. Haha!

Wales won't win as they don't have the team for it, neither will Italy as they suck, but they did do well against Ireland. And finally, Ireland have a chance, but they rely too much on O'Driscall.

It's all so even, I'm loving it!

But, I'll say England to win as they are my country. Plus, they have Sheridan!! :D

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Well anyone care to make a comment ??

No ? ?

ok I will ,

Scotland 18 - England 12

I was there and I'd like to extend my thanks to the Scotland team for providing me with an day I am not likely to forget .

What a game ! but even better what a reeeeesult !

I'm not ashamed to say I was close to tears when the final whistle blew

Well done lads , you made this scotsman very very happy and immensley proud

altogether now "O Flower of Scotland ....."

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..But it wasn't that good a game tbh :/

Are you mad ??? You'll be hard pressed to find another nail biting , knife-edge game like that all frickin season.

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