Mclaren's new livery

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McLaren have unveiled a striking chrome livery for their 2006 Formula One car.

McLaren hope the new colourscheme, a break from the silver and grey that has adorned the cars since 1997, will attract more television coverage.

Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, who will team up with Finn Kimi Raikkonen for a second season this year, said: "Wow, what a beautiful looking car.

"I have obviously been testing the car quite a bit already (in orange) but seeing it like this is something else."

The new livery features a splash of red on the front and rear wings, as a precursor to the arrival in 2007 of mobile phone giant Vodafone as the team's title sponsor.



Source BBC Sport

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when will they release a pod racer?

wouldn't chrome slow it down compared to a composite material?

The thing is there is a minimum weight limit and the manufacturers can easily get under it so they have a bit of weight to play with. There was a recent case where BAR were DQ'd for being underweight, trying to play a loophole in a rule to do with fuel weight. You'll find that F1 cars actually have to have ballast added, usually under the drivers seat, to make sure they comply with the minimum weight limit

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