Barry Bonds set to retire after 2006 season

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Barry Bonds is preparing to enter spring training for his 21st -- and, he says, final -- Major League Baseball season.

The Giants slugger, who is 47 home runs shy of Hank Aaron's all-time record, told USA Today on Sunday he plans to retire after this season -- with or without the home run record.

"I'm not playing baseball anymore after this," Bonds told the paper in a telephone interview from his California home. "The game [isn't] fun anymore. I'm tired of all of the crap going on. I want to play this year out, hopefully win, and once the season is over, go home and be with my family. Maybe then everybody can just forget about me."

Bonds, who is in the final year of a five-year, $90 million contract, told the newspaper he is worn out -- tired of being a focal point because of his pursuit of Aaron's record and allegations of steroids use that have dogged him for years.

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Well, it looks like this is his final shot to break Aaron's record... I don't know if he can hit 47 in a year if his knee is still bad.

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