Tour Technology-Pro Series-Titanium Reinforced Gol

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Don’t let the name fool you. These golf clubs are most definitely for beginners or very cheap people. At the time of purchase (few months ago) they were $150 new at your local “Play it Again Sports” or “Sports Authority”.


Very Cheap

Stable feel

Grip feels comfortable

Complete set including bag, 7 irons, pitching wedge, and 3 drivers


Get ground in dirt quick

Bottom of clubs wear away quickly

Scuff and mark faster then most clubs

Lack of sand wedge and putter

My Expertise: I’ve been playing golf for a very short amount of time. While I had played golf before now, this is my first actual set of owned clubs. It should be noted that possibly this entire review is going to be based on opinion because of my little experience with other clubs.


The grip is sadly probably the best part of these clubs. It’s remained in the exact same shape as when I got the clubs with little to no wearing. It’s a nice pattern and texture that works well gloved or not and is basic enough to work with any hand formation.



The shaft on these clubs is somewhat brittle. Its very stiff and doesn’t flex much. Pretty average for cheap clubs.


The drivers lack a bit of power when going for the long drives. They don’t respond very well to any sort of forced or non-natural swing. Which in a way is good because its forced me to get my swing into control. The 1 driver has quite a large head on it but as I said still only responds well to the very center of the club. The photos below show the scuffs that form from even light use.





The irons seem to be very factory standard. You can get quite nice distances and the sweet spot on them seems to be a bit less strict then that of the drivers.


Wear and Tear

Probably the worst part of these clubs is the fact that they damage so quickly. Notice the damage(not to mention the ground in dirt and grass) that’s already been done to my pitching wedge.





The bag comes with the set which is a nice plus. Its got all the elements of most bags including a handle, and 2 shoulder straps so you can wear it over your left or right shoulder as well as like a backpack (looks a little funny and can cause clubs to fall out). Its got 3 pockets which all seem to serve a purpose. The center small one holes loose balls, the large one on the right holds whole sets of golf balls still in box and the medium sized pocket on the left(not pictured) hold miscellaneous items like golf tools and tee’s.


In Conclusion…

This bag is perfect for anyone that’s just started or thinking about starting golf. The price doesn’t break the bank and includes a full set of clubs. The one exception to this is it doesn’t include a putter. However I’ve found that putters are a very personal decision even at the beginning level. Meaning while your there picking up the set look around at the putters in your price range and see how they feel in your slow swing. Happy buying!,

Nathan aka hobblyhoy

Make any requests you want. Anything from more pictures, higher res. Pictures, or I may even do a virtual tour of one of the clubs ;)

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