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Looking for someone to host temporary MySQL


Computer Guru    3

Hi Guys....

I have no idea what my (very costly) host i playing at... I have a 5 GB account with 200 GB Transfer, MySQL, shell, the works, and I pay for it. Very much so.

Anyway, since beginning of 2006 something is going on, i suspect pending bankruptcy.

The server has .2 GB free space, load is always above 5 and support requests are unanswered....

Th host didnt use to be like this... I found another host, seems to be exactly what i need....

Could someone here host just the myql for a tiny bit? Until this is sorted out?

I will not burden you with the forums and wiki and stuff, just the blog.

The blog is Ramblings of a Computer Guru; and I will use WP-cache all the time to minimize impact on your server...

I'd be eternally grateful :yes:

please email or IM me :)

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Nashy    1,662

Please PM me with:

What you need




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