[NFL] Where is Culpepper going?

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(March 9, 2006) -- The Minnesota Vikings have a deal in place to trade quarterback Daunte Culpepper, team officials confirmed Thursday. The trade is imminent, with the deal expected to go through Friday, just before the start of free agency.

Where Culpepper is going is the biggest mystery in the league. As of now, it is not Oakland. The Raiders and Vikings spoke Thursday, but Oakland is trying to gauge whether or not it wants to try to match, or beat, the other teams' offer. It will spend Thursday night mulling its decision.

Daunte Culpepper couldn't get along with the new regime in Minnesota.

But the Vikings have made it clear that they have found a suitable trade partner, with suitable compensation, and now Culpepper and the Vikings each will get their wish. They will part ways, leaving on more bitter terms than wide receiver Randy Moss left Minnesota last season.

Culpepper could not get along with new Vikings coach Brad Childress, and the quarterback has upset various members of the organization with what they feel is his immature behavior. Their relationship, by all accounts, will end Friday. But the only ones who knows where Culpepper's next relationship will resume are the Vikings and their trading partner.

Teams in need of quarterbacks include Miami, New Orleans, Detroit, the New York Jets, the Baltimore Ravens and the Oakland Raiders, who still have not released Kerry Collins, even if it has been reported that they have.

Chances are, one of those places will be Culpepper's home this season.

Miami, maybe. New Orleans has a high draft pick and stands to get a young QB in Jay Cutler (according to some mock drafts I've seen). NYJ, maybe. Baltimore, I don't know - is the Kyle Boller experiment finsished and when have they NOT needed a QB?

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Personally, I think good riddance, I want to stay with Brad Johnson.

I still think he ends up in Miami, or Oakland..... with Moss.

let me clarify, Miami because of Linahan

Oakland because of Moss

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the the radio they said raiders(if they could drop collins and sapp and need to loss their back QB to make the room and no 1st round pick)

they also said Mia(they could also get TO if they get pepper)

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Detroit or the Ravens. Detroit would give up some of its wonderful recievers, cant have all that and Culpepper...Brad Johnson can throw a football, recievers in Tampa were not runners.

The Ravens can give up some defensive stars, plug in some other people they can make good, like Tampa does. Boller gone, both teams have a quarterback they want, Boller becomes trade bait for another reciever or two perhaps?

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