Fan predicts 7-0 win on BBC site

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A user on the BBC 606 message boards predicted Liverpool's stunning 7-0 win over Birmingham in the FA Cup.

The mystery punter, with the username "Messi better than cesc", posted their forecast at 1905 GMT on Tuesday - a full 40 minutes before the match started.

# He or she not only got the score right but also claimed: There would be a goal in the first minute.

# Three goals in the first half.

# Four goals in the second half.

# The sixth would be an own goal.

# Djibril Cisse would score very late on.


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lets face it martyn, brum were pants!!

Nice to see a good victory and the strikers get some confidence though.

They were pretty poor, but Liverpool were clinical in front of goal which I was glad to see. 15 goals in 3 games and we cant score ;)?

Riise's goal :whistle:

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