Can't Reinstall MSN Messenger 7.5 Please help


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Hi there all, i know you guys all probably hate msn messenger but its just useful to have when all of your other mates have it too.

Just one day sudddenly MSN wounldn't let me login so i uninstalled it and reinsalled it again, i thought it went ok when i got this message when i tried to open up the program again:


I tried getting the latest update and everything.

When i try to uninstall it i get this message:


So now i cant uninstall it or even try to install it cause i always get either of these two messages. I have tried looking for uninstallers, but have failed. If anyone can direct me to a site/program or reg key that i need to get it to work that would be really useful.

This is what me control panel entry looks like:


Any help appreciated, thanks neowin.


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Problem found - Uninstall MSN messenger using Windows Cleanup.

If you can't login and u get a '80072ee6' error go to:

* Close off MSN Messenger

* Go to Start

* Click Run

* Enter the following in the box: regsvr32 MSXML3.dll

* Re-Start MSN Messenger

If you get the 'Setup failed, 1635' error check this thread:

And Use this tool to clean up the installation: 'CleanUp Utility';en-us;290301

Hope that helps, have fun

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