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I was thinking of buying a Home cinema system (Sony HTDDW670). Than i will need a good dvd player. However i already have a ps2 that i can use to play dvds. This way i will save some money and space. However i am not sure whether the ps2 will deliver the same dvd quality in terms of picture and sound when compared with a dvd player unit.

They will both connect to the reciver via an optical input. I have an old version of ps2 in case their dvd quility has changed during each new version.

Would i be able to get 5.1 sound from a dvd played with a ps2? What about the picture quality?

thank you

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I have a PS2 and a DVD player at home, I have not seen any difference between the two. I know though from what I have been told, you have to watch the DVD player in the PS2's as the laser tends to burn a little too hot. (So I've been told) but haven't had it happen yet. :whistle:

As far as 5.1, I believe it will play that as well.

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