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In order to cut down on gas consumption, considering gas is about to peak over $1.50/l here in Mississauga, i figured what better way to save money, and get excersize then to purchase a bike to ride to and from work.

My drive to work is only 5-7 minutes tops, and it's a waste of gas really.. I'm also trying to save for college.

There is a pathway all the way to work, so i know that for a fact, and it's pretty flat, so the ride there and back should be simple enough. the distance is 4km.

So im looking at Canadian Tire website (don't link to me to professional bike stores down town, 1 im not driving, and 2 im not a professional by any means.

so i found this bike Raleigh Summit Bike

it's on sale for $149.99, not bad, but more then what i was expecting to pay. heres a whole list of bikes

Use Postal Code L5N 6X1

Do think this is a good bike for what i want to do?

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I thought the gas crisis was only is the USA. ;o

nope.. in Canada too. We have to raise our prices, to prevent American's from coming up from the states, and pumping all of our gasoline, and heading back.. so we need to keep prices the same or lower, to prevent this from happening.

back onto topic please..

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Honestly lylesback2, I think if you're saving money on gas mileage, why don't you pass on those savings to a good bike which will benefit your health at the same time.

Now that's not saying you bought a bad bike, but $150 for commuting and fitness is a bargain.

I don't know what your favorite things are, but your signature lists you as an Xbox owner, and so I should tell ya, there's a lot of technology in bikes, just as in your Xbox 360 and your pc, theres a whole Bike Universe out there.

Congrats on saving the environment, and screwing over the OPEC, and... I should tell you, im in one of the most obese Cities in the World (No.1 in USA)! Well, if you want to learn more about bikes, MountainBikeReview is a great place.


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for a quick save for just a "to and from" bike.. why dont you just buy a second hand one from a store?.. saves you even more money? :)

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Be glad you have a decent trail system. There have been two cyclists killed in the past two weeks here in Greenville. Our trail system is pretty much non-existent.

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