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Internet connectivity issue.



i am staying at my sisters for a week, and i have a very annoying and frustrating internet problem.

she has a cable connection (somewhere around 1mbps) through her local cable provider, her modem seems to be ancient as it is huge, she has a digital phone box for voip coming out of that modem (brand is sapuron, something like that), which has a connection for a pc. i cant get the linksys router to connect when plugged directly into the modem either. so i plug it into the whole for the pc on the phone box, the internet works fine when it works, however, randomly atleast once per hour the interent loses connectivity. i have tried it with router and without, same issue.

the internet drops, the computer doesnt lose its connection to the modem/router (as it doesnt pop up saying a cable is unplugged) but there is no internet connection present. if i try to play a game (Guild Wars specifically) or use MSN Messenger. i constantly keep getting booted each time. but the internet resumes within a split second...i have no idea whats goin on..

i dont even know if you can de-sipher what i just typed or how you can help me (if you can) but som suggestions would be appreciated..

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