New London Stadia

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Wembley Stadium


Sport: Football

Capacity: 90'000

Team: England National Team

It is no secret that the new national stadium has been hampered by massive problemsand has recently been delayed till the first half of 2007. However the new stadium will feature over 2000 toilets, more than any other sporting facility in the world. 40 escalators totally 400m in length will enable fans to distribute around the stadium in far greater times. Each seat at the new Wembley will have a space of 1.92m2, compared to 0.88m2 in the Stade de France in Paris and 1.25m2 at the Telstra Stadium in Sydney, Australia (where the 2000 Olympic Games were held). Infact each seat in the new stadium will have more space than the Royal Box seats of the old Wembley.

Contrary to popular belief the arc is not just decorative. It also has a structural usage, as it holds 60% of the southern roof and 100% of the northern roof and means that no pillars are required in the stadium which would obstruct views. it weighs in at 1,7550 tonnes and is wide enough for a Channel Tunnel train to run its course 'through' the pipe and the London Eye could fit underneath the arch.

The design of the stadium roofing is done to the degree where it allows as much sunlight to enter the stadium, but to ensure that shadows are not cast over the pitch which is bad for TV coverage. The size of the roof is 11 acres, with 4 acres being movable - all spectators in the stadium are covered.

To ensure that the atmosphere of the old Wembley has been replicated into the new Wembley, digital recordings were taken during the England Vs Poland game. This has meant that if you were a spectator in the old Wembley, the same sound would be made and heard in the new Wembley - something which is revolutionary for stadium design.

The circumference of the stadium is 1km and the height to the heighest seat is 52m (the arch going up to 133m). It will also be the world's first and only stadium to have an aircraft warning beacon. The total cost of the stadium is ?757m, and it would seem as if it will be worth the wait.

Ashburton Grove (Emirates Stadium)>


Sport: Football

Capacity: 60'000

Team: Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal FC have been trying to expand their 38'500 seater stadium for a lon time now. With the enormous fanbase they have, Highbury has been unable to cope with the demand for tickets for well over a decade. Expansion was in no way an option like it is with other clubs, due to the fact that the Click Tower is noow a listed building, and all four sides of the stadium are adjacent to residential housing. Highbury's capacity is significantly lower than other European clubs of a similar stature, the opening date was originally slated for 2004, but problems with planning permission has meant that the opening date was pushed back to August 2006.

After prevailing against the first set of problems that caused a two-year delay, the stadium has seen smooth sailing since. The stadium unlike Wembley is now on-budget and ahead of schedule. It is due to open it's doors with Dennis Bergkamp's testemonial match against Ajax on 22nd July 2006. The stadium is expected to be finished a fair bit sooner than the that.

The Emirates Stadium will house 60'000 spectators and will be the first stadium in the UK to feature fully paded seats throughout the stadium. After Wembley is will be the second larget football stadium in London, (the largest for a few months), and third larget in the UK after Manchester United's Old Trafford. The project is to cost ?357m.Twickenham Stadiumb>


Sport: Rugby

Capacity: 82'000

Team: England National Team

The south stand of Twickenham stadium has been torn down to rebuild the New South Stand that will house an extra 7'000 spectators. However, similar to Wembley the reason for redevelopment is not wholly to gain extra capacity. Incorporated into the stand will be a brand new 400 seater arts centre for the local residents, a 200 bed 4-star hotel, conference centre, banqueting hall, health and fitness club and a new RFU store. New flats will be built to accomodate the loss of several homes due to the re-construction of the South Stand and the capacity will be limited to only 65,000 during construction. Ward McHugh & Associates are the architects beind the South Stand. Cost for the new South Stand is set at around ?80mOlympic Stadium/b>



Sport: Athletics

Capacity: 80'000

Team: N/Other Facilities for the 2012 Olympics/b>



Sport: Non-Specific, also to be used for music events etc.

Capacity: 23'000

Team: N/A

While the capacity of the Millenium Dome Arena/O2 Arena is miniscule compared to some of the above, it is perhaps structurally one of the most special stadiums to ever be built. This is due to the fact that is will be part of a complex built within the Millenium Dome. This means that the use of cranes will be very limited, and it will be interesting to see how they pull it off. This stadium will be the larget indoor stadium in the world.All these stadiums will result in London being the first city in the world to house three 80'000 plus stadiums. And with plans for Chelsea FC to upgrade their stadium to we can only assume AT LEAST 60'000 and Tottenham Hotspurs plans to upgrade to a reported 50'000, in theory London could hold a World Cup on it's own. (Although it would never be allowed due to FIFA regulations on hosting a World Cup.)/b>

London Stadiums/b>

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Wembley looks to be an amazing stadium, I thought it was meant to host the Community Shield match in August either between West Ham/Liverpool v Chelsea...

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i don't think people are really worried about delays as least the staduim is getting bulit.

Pompey will be expanding and rotating fratton park soon, but that isn't london is it

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Wembley Stadium

It will also be the world's first and only stadium to have an aircraft warning beacon.

Montr?al's Olympic Stadium has a 556 foot (169M) tower next to it. It's the tallest inclined structure in the world. It was also the world's first retractable-roof stadium, although it worked only briefly. Olympic Stadium is known in Qu?bec as the "Big O", but also the "big owe" since C$1 billion was spent on it.


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I've seen the Olympic Stadium picture before, but the others WOW me.

I'm glad London got the 2012 olympics. I supported them over all the other cities that were taking a shot for it.

I'm sure it'll do well when 2012 comes :)

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Those graphics look amazing :woot: . I never knew some of the stadiums in London look so impressive.


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