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Sir Alex Ferguson. Retire or remain??  

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  1. 1. Is it time for Manchester United to look for a new Manager?

    • Yes. Time to change the Manager.
    • No. Sir Alex Ferguson can still add to the team.

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As a Man United fan, I am not satisfied with the team's performance in the last few seasons.

I have doubts on Sir Ferguson's ability to add anything to the team.


he has done well in the eighties and nineties of the last century. But Football has changed and we would like to see this change reflected in Manchester Untied.

I think that we need a new manager. and A new style.

What do the rest of Man U fans think?



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i still think he is one of the best managers in the premiership.

True, he's had a quiet time of late, but from the majority of performances manchester united have shown over the latter part of this season, i still think theres a lot to be achieved with the current setup....

Next season is what i feel is the telling season however, as after that my opinion of the man may change... If only they can take their current form into the beginning of next season (bar the sunderland and chelsea games), i think that it may prove to be an even more competitive time at the top....

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He's took a team with a defender and left winger in central midfield to second in the premiership and a cup. When he brings in proper midfielders this year we'll be even better.

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I voted no. I still feel that he can bring a lot to ManU. However, I am concerned. If United continue their inconsistent form next season, then I think that his position should be reviewed. Also, I'm worried that he might just let van Nistelrooy go, which is a major no-no in my book.

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Ferguson is still in the midst of revamping the team. They have a good strike force in Rooney and Saha. Man Utd just needs a commanding central midfielder to lead the team.

He'll probably be shopping for a backup striker and a first-team midfielder in the upcoming transfer season.

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ure joking mate, he's one of the best managers around. all he needs are 2 midfielders and the team is sorted.

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