No FA Cup final for theft victims

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From BBC News

More than 1,600 Liverpool fans whose FA Cup final tickets were stolen will miss out on seeing the match live, stadium officials have said.

The Liverpool fans' tickets for the game in Cardiff against West Ham United were stolen from a Royal Mail delivery van in Liverpool city centre on Friday.

The stolen tickets have been cancelled and officials will not replace them.

A statement posted on the Millennium Stadium's website said it was sticking to its "no duplicate ticket policy".

Merseyside Police and stadium officials are warning fans not to buy tickets for Saturday's match at Cardiff from unauthorised sellers.

Full Story: No FA Cup Final for Theft Victims

Liverpool FC Response: HERE


All I can say is what a complete joke! I was amongst the first to order tickets and they havent arrived! Why can't they just re-print all tickets FFS!

Its not like just a few went missing... 1,600 is 8% of the Liverpool Fans!! What a JOKE :angry:

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You find a solution then phone the Millennium stadium manager.

If it was a 100 tickets then a solution could be found but 1600, not possible.

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Order, as in "reserve" or in "reserve and paid"?

As in selected seat, paid, money out of account :pinch:

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Millennium Stadium chief executive Paul Sergeant has hit back at Rick Parry, after his Liverpool counterpart launched a scathing attack on their ticket policy.

Reds chief executive Parry was furious with the stadium's decision not to issue duplicate FA Cup tickets following a raid on a Royal Mail van in Liverpool.

Many of the missing tickets have since been identified and cancelled, but the paying fans will not be given replacements.

Parry reported on Liverpool's website that "the decision by The Millennium Stadium not to issue duplicate tickets is totally unacceptable and penalises ordinary supporters who have had the misfortune of being the innocent victims of a robbery."

Sergeant has dismissed Parry's reasoning, claiming that the potential for all stolen tickets turning up on Saturday along with the original owners would create a major safety concern.

"I've not seen Parry's statement and if they are the words of Mr Parry I'm very disappointed in them," he told Sky Sports News.

"To be honest I think someone as experienced as Rick Parry should understand the safety implications and public order issues we're going to face down here on cup final day.

"We're not talking about a handful of tickets, we're talking well in excess of a thousand.

"Picture that, trying to deal with 1,000 people handling stolen goods fuelled by other people, and potentially trying to get in to take those seats. It's a recipe for public order issues!

"I've debated it with the stadium's safety advisory group and that is the safest option to us.

"If (Parry is) crying us down on safety grounds I'm very disappointed."

Sergeant also insisted that the Millennium Stadium officials should not have been placed in this position.

"This has landed on our doorstep when the distribution of tickets should have been controlled properly in the first place."

That sort of explains the Millenium Stadium's point of view. But it is still pathetic, fans are out of pocket and it is the fans that keep football alive. It anyone misses out it should be the club.

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Well, It's confirmed that my tickets have been stolen, and that there will be no replacement.

I'm now looking to sue for:

a. The value of the ticket

b. The cost of pre-bought train tickets

c. The cost of pre-booked hotel accomidation

Total ~?500

d. Breach of contract


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Liverpool have announced that they will replace the stolen tickets by not making them available to the fan card holders. Supporters still miss out though, but the ones who paid will not.

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thing is, they know what tickets have gone missing, why is it so hard to re-issue those set tickets, and print on them "issue 2"?

its a disgrace and is pretty unfair.

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