Brazil Definitive Group Word Cup 2006

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This is the final list of Brazil for World Cup Germany 2006 and announced today.


* Dida (A.C. Milan)

* Rog?rio Ceni (S?o Paulo)

* J?lio Cesar (InternazionaleDEFENDERS/b>

* Cafu (Captain) (A.C. Milan)

* Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)

* L?cio (Bayern Munich)

* Juan (Bayer Leverkusen)

* Cicinho (Real Madrid)

* Luis?o (Benfica)


* Emerson (Vice-Captain) (Juventus F.C.)

* Z? Roberto (Bayern Munich)

* Gilberto Silva (Arsenal F.C.)

* Edm?lson (Barcelona)

* Juninho (Lyon)

* Kak? (A.C. Milan)

* Ricardinho (Corinthians)

* Ronaldinho (BarcFOWARDSARDS

* Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

* Adriano (Internazionale)

* Robinho (Real Madrid)

* Fred (Lyon)

1. Dida

2. Cafu

3. L?cio

4. Ruan

6. Roberto Carlos

7. Adriano

8. Emerson

9. Ronaldo

10. Ronaldinho


* Fred (very unknown in Brazil)

* Ricardinho (Corithians bad moment.. Parreira likes him)

* Gilberto Silva (many believed Ricardo Nery taked theiOUT !!!;!

* Marcos (Goalkeeper/champion 2002)

* Roque J?nior (Defender/champion 2002)

* Rivaldo (Foward/champion 2002)

* Alex (Foward/great player)

* Gustavo Neri (Mid/great player)


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Thats a hell of a team. Isnt Alex out because he nationalised himself, so he could play for Japan?

Is not Alex-Japan this is already japanese.. That Alex I'm saying is this (with the cup):


He was brazilian champion in 2003 in the last really great team here (Cruzeiro/2003) and get Copa Am?rica in the 2005..

I can only say.. Fred is pure crap.. he is like that England hyped players.. isn't capable of decide in higly pressure matches and don't has international experience. Another crap is Ricardinho.. I can't understant why Parreira call this guy, their team Corinthians is currently a complete crap here.

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It's a class squad, most of those players would walk into any team in the world.

Fred is a good striker, and has done ok at Lyon. Gilberto Silva is a great player and has been one of Arsenal's best players this season on thier way to the Champions League Final. I think Marcos and Roque Juniour are injured, and Rivaldo is just plane old...

Awesome squad though :)

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Oh man, why Beletti (Barcelona) and Gomes (PSV) are out ?

Imo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu should be out, they are too old for the brazilian team standard.

Well, im actually satisfied with that team.

Let's go get the 6th star.


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doom i guess you forgot 2 players

one in the titulars cause there are only 10 players (IMO it will be kaka the missing one)

the other is in the list of players cause you only put 22 while they are 23 (and if i'm not confused is gilberto from dortmun but i'm not sure)

anyway these are the champions with no doubt (even if i'd like to c holland or argentina doing it)

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