who will win the WC?

WC winner  

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  1. 1. who will win germany's WC??

    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Germany
    • England
    • Italy
    • Holland
    • Spain
    • France
    • Other

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well, i guess it's clear (the question and the answer in this case :D :D )

for me at least it is, c'mon canarinha

ps: sorry if i forgot any possible winner :blush:

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45% say england??!!

Id like to see it, but sadly i know a bit about football , nad that wont happen...

I feel England can if Brazil get knocked out by someone else, then England will have a great chance and I am hopeing such a slip up, but if Brazil and England have to meet in the semis Brazil would probably win.

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My heart says England... and a little USA after that because of the Reading players :p but my head is saying Brazil... again :( Id like to see someone new win it, or at least someone who hasnt won for a while, like England :p

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EN GA LAND gonna take it. gerard in strike. shoulda dropped theo walcott.

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dont count out spain....

i think mexico will surprise people... but for me... france or spain for the win, although id love australia to win it :)

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I watch World Cup since 1990 (with some 86' flashes in my head) and get this idea making this list to put the things cleary based:

a) Development - satisfactorily capable renew their squad 4-4 years and grab sucess

b) Experience - international exp and ability to revert the history of a decisive game

c) Tradition - world cup history

Remember this is not "Perfect" list.. I'm considering nothing very wrong happening with a team - we can easily remeber the France/Argentina 2002 fiasco and the Korea beating Italy.


The champion probably will come from this list, since nothing wrong happens with they.

- Argentina

- Brazil

- Italy

- Germany


This is the international major powers - one of they can grab World Cup, yes! Very probable 2 of they (or 3) will reach semi-finals and dispute the 3rd place.

- England

- France

- Mexico

- Netherlands

- Paraguay

- Portugal

- Spain

- Sweden


Do not subestimate any member of this group - they can impress as you can't imagine and knock elite and strongest group members. But it's very improbable one of they champion but with some chance grab 3rd/4th place.

- Croatia

- Czech Republic

- Japan

- Poland

- South Korea

- Switzerland

- Ukraine

- United States


This is not bashing. Grant a World Cup place turns these teams in fact the world soccer elite. But in-competition the story is other and is very hardly and improbable some of these teams grab some relevant (1-8) position in final classification.

- Angola

- Australia

- C?te d'Ivoire

- Costa Rica

- Ecuador

- Ghana

- Saudi Arabia

- Togo

- Trindad and Tobago

- Tunisia

And now tell what you think about this list.. corrections? changes? The topic is open!

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wheres the US? they are ranked #5 in the world and yet they are not on the vote.

IMHO and even if the usa is ranked #1 it's IMPOSIBLE that they win it, even ivory cost with eboue, toure and drogba has more chances

hope holland or argentina will make us c a great game in first round and hpe they'll go far far away

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