UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie

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It's finally here! Saturday 27 May (Sunday 28 May - Bravo, here in the UK)

The big one, UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie. Finally the legend returns to the Octagon!

Matt Hughes is a good fighter, but I sure can't see him beating Royce Gracie. I still think he's a deadly fighter!

Gracie gets my vote for this fight! Can't wait!


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Hughes is one tough b"$?%rd.

I saw him takin an illegal to the man bag, he took a bit of a beating then recovered came back and hammered the other guy.


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Matt got owned by BJ Penn when he lost the title to him. BJ Penn was stripped after he left UFC but was unlucky to get the No.1 contendership on his return when he lost to GSP. I can see Matt beating GSP, but it'll be interesting who wins when he comes up against BJ Penn again.

Royce Gracie - Unbeaten in the Octagon! 20 - 0 - The "little" guy who made all the big guys tap out!

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