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program for photoshop like image


Geoffrey B.    1,415

i am working on a site for an anime club and we are looking for information on how to make an image that would be made of a lot of puzzle peices that are put together but all of the peices being unique and inside each piece is an image from a different anime is there a good template or specific program that we could use to do this if so that would be awsome all help and information is greatly appriciated.

P.S. the site is for DeVry University

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Doli    547

I found this:


its has a photoshop psd filem action file and a doc on how to use it)

tutorials on how to use it are:



Its for photoshop but i use GIMP which can open photosop files, but for some reason it has problems with this psd file. IF your using photoshop then i guess your good. IF not then maybe someone on neowin can open it in photoshop for you and save it to a psd file again and then gimp might open it. of just save it as a jpg, gif, ect.

here is another one:


I think this one is better.

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