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Hello everyone.

If you played Earth And Beyond, or would like to help us get EA to reopen this great mmorpg.

Please go to

and post your comment. Right now its THE biggest thread on EA's forum.

All we wanna do is either EA reopens at least one server to test if there are enough ppl/accs to support EnB, or sell/release the server source code, so we can host our own servers.

We have posts in several places including the PCGAMER Messageboard, the C&C EALA boards, and etc. The rest of the links are listed here:

We are really working hard on try to re-release this game in some shape or form. Westwood truly made a great game, which could have outshined most MMORPGS past and present. We (the EnB community) are just trying to try and get EA at least hear us out and answer some of our questions. All we seem to me getting is the run around.

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Although I would like EnB to come back, it is extremely unlikely that it will ever happen. The game has been closed for several years now, and it's not going to be reopened because of a 43 page post on an EA forum.

There is a 'project' underway, but seeing as your an EnB fan you probably already know about it.

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Ricky Baby

if you want a great space MMORPG take a look at EVE-Online

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i agree with EvE-Online, its a great / beautiful space MMO, but like space, it feel empty alot of times, i like the lack of lvling, but the skill learning takes the place of grind. as far as timewaster's while you learn your skills, you can mine/mission/npc hunt. and there is pvp in the lower security sector's.

and there is only 1 server that everybody playes on, not multiple servers with the player population spread out

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