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Hello Neowinians,

I'm new here and wanted to tell you all about my first website. I am new to HTML and PHP and so far I think I have done a good job. I've made my site to help us show our support for England in the World cup. You can see my site here:

You can use the site to generate a small support banner to show your support for football and the site will automatically link back to you. You can include the banner on all your websites.

Lots of people have already started to link together to show their support. Lets help England make Footballing history this year!

Thank you


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Exactly what I thought, and not everyone supports England so it's kinda annoying everytime you visit Neowin (everytime :D ) you'll see a top BANNER.

Well, I can say well done to PhantomMask, since it's not an ugly banner and is ideal for sports related websites. Good idea :p

Now I don't support anyone in the WorldCup since I don't follow football (or soccer whatever you call it), so don't say I'm jelous or something, just my opinion.

Gah! Why is this on the front page?!

Now I can't click on the Neowin logo to refresh the page.

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what about all others who dont support it?

it should be customised or something :p

Dont bet on it. You are all being brainwashed to support England :shiftyninja:.

Repeat after me, "Eng-ger-land"...

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