About Korea vs Swiss

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Yes, Im aware there is a wc thread but with over 100 pages, its hard to find my response & this is a offtopic soccer question.


I found this at a korean website, just wanted opinions.

Also , is it that hard to get a ref who is vietnamese, chinese, japanese , korean or any other ethnicity?

Trying to diverse the refs here.

And how about a ref who isnt married or has a relative that lives in swiss? Even the head of fifa is from switzerland.

See where Im going with this? :huh:

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No, I do not see where you are going with this and Korea lost fair and square regardless if the last goal should have counted or not. They would've lost anyway.

We cannot have multiple threads about the World Cup, as discussed before. Keep all World Cup dicussions to its relevant thread - https://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=462506

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