Gillette Best Young Player Award

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You can vote for the Gillette Best Young Player of World Cup 2006 on the Fifa website here.

It currently stands as follows:

1. C.Ronaldo (POR), 27%

2. L.Valencia (ECU), 25%

3. L.Messi (ARG), 15%.

Everyone cast your votes!

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Yes, while stepovers are great there is much more to football than them...oh, and diving, cheating and general foul play doesnt count as a positive attribute. So, my vote goes to Valencia.

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holy crap, people must have voted like mad after the Portugal v France match, last time I looked Ronaldo was at 27% and Valencia at 25%. Now Valencia is at 35% and Ronaldo at 25%. Valencia got over 10,000 votes in one day! :blink:

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