England win the World Cup 2006

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Yes it's coming home, we won it, we played our joker and England beat the USA in the final.

ENGLAND has won the World Cup ? of GAY football.

Our lads came from behind to spank the Yanks in the Gay Olympics final.

Jubilant manager Eric Armanazi said yesterday: ?This was a superhuman effort against all the odds. If you were writing a Hollywood film, this would be rejected as a fairytale.?

England beat America 3-1 in extra time.

The country was represented by Stonewall FC ? a London-based team of Sunday League amateurs. Players included a civil servant and a Marks & Spencer manager.

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This is a smack in the mouth for the so called England team, maybe we should put this team out next time

be more colourful and I bet the victory parade will be more exciting!

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All this political correctness really ****es me off. If there was a hetrosexual olympics the PC police would be up in arms!!! :angry:


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meah, it was to be expected...you got a bigger poole of "players" to choose from :whistle:

Once I heard that there's no gays in Ireland.... because all of they went to England :rofl:

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I cannot consider that it is a joke, nor does it incur political correctness. It is not a "special gay edition" that has been sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, but instead games organized by homosexuals for their own purpose. It has not been devised in equality but instead a seperate entity in itself. The existance of organizations concerning special interest groups and independant events is nothing new. The world itself commits to events in that manner; why would a competition for the greatest sportsmen in the Commonwealth be any different than a competition for the greatest homosexual sportsmen? We do not only have competitions for the world's best and most able handicapped, but for many categories. Why promote a distinctive manner in respect to the Gay Games? It does not concern you in any way, yet you insist on concerning yourself on protesting a private organization such as these. Perhaps you may be correct on the subject of a possible "heterosexual olympics", in the theory that it would receive negative publicity, but such an idea should be permitted to continue, not in the opposite path of banning both competition divisions. The theoretical existance of an event such as a heterosexual competition should not affect the Gay Games; it is completely irrelevent.

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Yes, I agree.

Homosexuals have gone through a lot of discrimination for lots of years, maybe 150 in modern times, even though homosexuals have been around since civilisation begun.

In sport, you don't find many homosexual men or women in team games due to such discrimination especially

in professional sports due to discrimination.

So like most things, minorities are shunted away so they then say, we will create our own teams and competitions.

The Olympics does not say 'no gays allowed', nor does the gay games 'say no heterosexuals allowed'.

If it did there would be problems.

You got the hick games, now the chav olympics, under 15's, under 17's under 19's under 21's even under 23's in football and cricket the ones I know off the top of my head.

I know these are not concerning homosexuality, but hey, it gives the gay guys n dolls a chance to show their skills without being discriminated against!

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