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This is SAD :no:

And so it has come to this. The once mighty Mike Tyson, who amassed more than $300 million throughout his boxing career before losing it all, is now earning a living these days as a side show on the Las Vegas strip. According to the Associated Press, the former heavyweight champion works in a makeshift boxing ring inside of the Aladdin hotel. His job is to throw a few punches into the mitts of his ?trainer? Jeff Fenech as tourists take pictures.

"I'm looking to make a buck like anyone else," Tyson explained to an AP columnist.

Tyson says he's uncomfortable going out in front of people masquerading as the fighter he once was when he knows it's all really a charade. But with creditors breathing down his muscled back, he feels he has no choice.

"I truly hate fighting," he said. "I've got a bad taste in my mouth."

There's talk of a series of three-round exhibition fights to earn the former boxer some extra cash. It's a time-honored tradition in boxing, where no one gets hurt and the former champ who is down on his luck gets a small taste of the money he used to make.

Tyson still manages to drive a BMW, but is quick to add that he used to roll in Bentleys and Ferraris. He says he doesn?t want anyone?s sympathy, and isn't quite sure why many fans are still concerned about his well being.

"I had a great life. I had 20 lives. No way should they be sympathetic to me," Tyson said. "People truly believe and support me. I realized that over time. I don't know if it's for sympathetic reasons or just something that they can relate to me in life."


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I'd like to see him in one of those celebrity boxing things on TV. Maybe he could box, I don't know, geraldo?

my left nut could knock-out Geraldo :yes:

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