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I just got home from the final show of the 2K7 Bounce Tour, which ended up in New Jersey. My home state.


The show was amazing. I was extremely happy (and I admit also somewhat surprised) that after 8 years being broken up, that ATCQ has more or less not skipped a beat. They still give an absoolutely amazing stage show, and I just feel blessed in some regards, that I was able to see them for what now makes 5 times total in my lifetime.

The set was truly just a whirlwind of pretty much all of their classic joints. Literally one, after the other, after the other. The set was close to an hour long in total.

Set List (No Particular Order)

I do not remember the exact order. I was just so psyched to be there I cannot say for sure what the order was. I can say I know for sure the following songs were performed, and I believe I am missing a few songs.

  • Buggin Out (Opened The Set With)
  • Bonita Applebum
  • Electric Relaxation
  • The Jazz
  • Can I Kick It
  • Check The Rhyme
  • Sucka N**ga
  • Phony Rappers
  • Lyrics To Go
  • Oh My God
  • Hot Sex
  • Vibrant Thing - Q Tips Solo Song
  • Phifes Solo Joint Alphabet Soup
  • Stressed Out (With Consequence doing his verse since he was an opening act)
  • Award Tour

I am prety sure they did Scenario as their Encore, along with something else, but being the old fart that I am, I was on my way out of the club at the beginning of the Encore to beat the traffic. :blush: :laugh:

The Only Negative.

The absolutely one and only negative at all is my body can no longer take what it could 8 -10 years ago. :pinch: .

I will be 32 years old in December, and standing without any chance to sit at all for 4 and a Half hours through the entire show really took it;'s toll on me. By the time Tribe came, on I was just wiped out as can be and really striggling to stay on my feet toowards the end. My feet were done, they were killing me so, so bad. I know, believe me I know, it is super, super sad. :laugh: Right now my back is killing me, and my head is pounding. Growing up being in bands and doing loud music since I was 12 years old also means my hearing is shot, I actually have Ear Tinnitus (ringing of the ears), so right now my ears are ringing super bad and I have a pounding headache. Any other group I would really have thought twice about it all because of the physical toll has taken on my body, but it was ATCQ, so even if I can barely walk tomorrow, it was beyond worth it.

ATCQ's Future?

I hope this means they are possibly getting back together, because I still believe they are very close to what they were when they were around in full effect back then. No doubt about it.

Biggest Surprise

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, Tribes fourth member, who left after their first album so was never fully given the respect he deserved, but this fourth member Jarobi, much to my surprise, was also their as well. It was truly the original Tribe Called Quest Line Up, performing Hip Hop like only they can.

I Finally Got an Official Tribe Called Quest T Shirt

And the funny thing is, being the fact they are in my Top 5 favorite bands ever, no matter what genre, but I never owned an official T Shirt of theirs. Funny enough, I had made my own bootleg versionsof shirts while in High School, but I never had the real deal. The very first thing I did when walking in the club, was I finally purchased a real Tribe Called Quest T Shirt. Not only that, but it was for my favorite album of theirs, the Low End Theory, so that was just the icing on the cake.

Final Words

I am Just so truly happy I got to see this show. Just so much so. This Makes 5 shows in 15 years. The first time I saw them was in 1991. :wacko:

If for some strange reason you do not own any Tribe Called Quest material, an you say you like Hip Hop, please, do yourself a huge favor (and in turn actually them a favor as well), and go pick up their first 3 albums.

  • People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm
  • The Low End Theory
  • Midnight Marauders
    and actually besides those first htree albums, you can get the CD...
  • Anthology: A Best Off Album, which just looking at the track listing right now, it is pretty much the set list they did tonight. :laugh:

All of the above mentioned albums are just classic Hip Hop. Hip Hop what it is supposed to be. ATCQ is truly were a group who marched to the beat of their own drummer, and that beat was a genuine and real as Hip Hop ever will be, and ever can be.

I just wish the Tour was going on longer, so anyone who missed it had a chance to see it.

5 Out Of 5 Stars: As good of a show, no matter what kind of music, as there ever will be, and for that matter ever can be.

Finally, let me end this all with a charcoal drawing that I drew myself of Q-Tip back in 1992.



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Sweet pic! What was Phony Rappers like live? I cant imagine it giving off the same chilled effect that the actual track did?


And you are dead on, Phony Rappers was much more amped up and energetic than the recorded version... Actually you make a great point with what is my only beef with Hip Hop shows overall... the MC's get so amped up, that they wind up almost "screaming" the lyrics (screaming is not the right word, but saying them much different than they did when recorded them) ... even with Bonita Applebum, Tip was way amped... I know it is a matter of feeding off the energy of the crowd, which of course was bananas, but it winds up changing the vibe of songs to something they originally were not meant to be. Regardless, it brings a very energetic vibe to it all, even if it does not get across the original essence of how the song(s) were originally meant to be felt... With that said it was still dope... Oh, I almost forgot, for Consequence's verse, Ali Shaheed cut the track out completely, so it was just him accapella...

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