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I know this is revisiting an old topic, but i was unhappy with the answers presented before.

Can anyone tell me how to break a standing full nelson hold. Im not talking about a theoretical full nelson, im talking a real full nelson, where youve got knuckles pressing into the back of your head causing disorientation, and the agressor is swinging you around. You can grab for the eye, but his face is turned away, you can grab his hair, but what if he is bald? You cant go for his thumbs because they are tucked away, leaning forward piles on the pressure, and trying to sweep or kick him will ultimately end with you getting your face planted fimly in the ground with the weight of 2 people. How do you break it? I really cannot see a way that doesnt result in getting seriously hurt.

I would br grateful if someone could help me with this matter.

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Stomp on his feet. Drop sit to the ground with your arms stiff pointing up. When you get to the ground, turn your head around and bite kick his mangina. If you enjoy, do it twice. Perv.

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