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Can I get your Miranda setup?

It's actually not that much. The contact list is simply clist_nicer and the IM window is scriver+ieview using the Candybar theme. The make the colors match my desktop a bit more, I simply mashed together two substyles of candybar.

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My Laptop as of today.





I'm not quite done with it yet... there's still some stuff I may tweak with... so expect and update soon.

Also, I will post my Desktop when I get home (at University now)

PM me if you want details.

Edit: Of all the times for the movie to hit a transition it has to be when I snap my desktop :pinch:

uhm, you must be my brother or something. BT and Bleach are two of my favorite things haha

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guiKit: Nickel Cobalt (Ported by Astyanax and Xizor - NFR)

Wall: BRAqua

Icons: Micro, Mods, Mix

Shout: Astyanax, Xizor


First desk in a while, enjoy all!

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I couldn't Edit my Original Post Sooo....



Vs: Microsoft Zune Theme

Wall: False Creak (Still)

Icons: Vista_RC2_5744 for Tune Up Styler

*cough* Showing Off Chris Allens November Promo :D :rolleyes: :p

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Since I'm sending my notebook to the Service Center to get a few things repaired, I might as well post early. Here's my desk for November.





Theme: Human

Wallpaper: Aurora

Icons: Tango

AveDesk: Vertical Calendar

Y'z Dock Icons: Scirwode (My Own)

CD Art Display 5


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