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Cool OSX Apps?

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Sane404    0

Getting my Macbook tomorrow and I'm just wondering if you guys could suggest some fun/cool little apps for it.


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wjones3    0

It all depends on what you define as "cool". Are you referring to system utilities, graphics, networking, etc....

More importantly, those applications which are freeware, shareware or otherwise?


Comic Life





Path Analyzer Pro 2.0

Stuffit Deluxe





Pixadex 2.0.2


and there is more, but here is a start at least.

Enjoy. Since purchasing my Mac some time ago, it has not disappointed. In fact, I am in the market for a MacPro dual 3.0Ghz unit with the 30" Apple Cinema Display. I almost have all of the money.

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Sane404    0

Yeah I realised I was being a bit broad with that term, cheers anyway. I'll check them out.

Ooh btw, whilst I'm here, does anyone know if you can download more effects for Photo Booth?

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Harsesis    2


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machorro    0


yup quicksilver, once you get used to it... you will never be able to live without it... even if its just for launching apps as I use it

some ppl use it for some other stuff, but for me is enough :D

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giga    45

AppZapper - completely removes applications

CandyBar - change systemwide icons

Colloquy - IRC

Flip4Mac - for Windows Media files

iAlertU - fun little security app

OnyX - cleaning/maintenance

Overflow - an alternative app launcher

Pixadex - icon organizer

pzizz - sleeping/nap application. very cool.

Schoolhouse - for students. organizing assignments, etc.

Senuti - iPod to Mac

sidenote - cool note taking app that slides to edge of screen

WriteRoom - i need to write without distractions. good app for just plain distraction-free typing.

Voice Candy - fun recorder efor mac. different effects.

Seashore - small image editor for quick things.

WhatSize - what's taking up hdd space.

Musicast - broadcast your itunes playlists to internet (webpage/podcast). basically, you or your friends can access your music from a web browser/rss reader

coconutBattery - shows accurate battery charge, how much capacity left, how old your mac is, and how many cycles its been through

coconutWifi - shows more details on wireless networks available

CoreDuoTemp - processor temp

Burn - opensource burner. very light and does what it does fast. (good alternative to toast)

Alarm Clock/Aurora/Awaken - use your mac as an alarm clock

OmniWeb - alternative browser. very fast and has thumbnail tabs

Inquisitor - very awesome search addon to Safari. try it out (go to pimp my safari btw. good site for making safari better)

PithHelmet - Safari adblocking

Saft - Extra safari customizations/tweaks

UnRarX - extracting Rars

Xtorrent/BitRocket/Transmission - bittorent. try em all out and see which you prefer

VLC - video player. plays almost anything

NewsFire - RSS reader

AdiumX - multiplatform chat client. extreme customization.

Edited by Giga

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Galley    1

More votes for:

NewsFire RSS


Overflow launcher

iPhoto Buddy

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chrislee149    0

Adium - Multiprotocol chat application

AppZapper - Uninstalls apps plus their related files in a nice interface

Camino - Web browser, although the included Safari is also a good choice

DeskShade - Easy wallpaper management

iFlash - Great virtual flash card studying utensil

Menuet - iTunes controller from the menu bar

Pixadex - Icon management

pzizz - Nap/sleep audio generator and player

Tangerine! - Creates iTunes playlists based on beats per minute

The Unarchiver - Streamlined unarchiving application

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