[Boxing] Pacquiao vs Morales III

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The reason I ask if its PPV worthy is due to the drubbing Morales got from their second encounter. Pacquiao is the betting favorite and Morales has looked drained as of late. Drained to make the weight limit or drained from the battles he holds on his resume? Maybe a little of both. Looks to be an easy fight for Pacquiao... not.

Morales has a thing to prove in this fight and his underrated boxing skills will play a large part. I believe he will be much tougher in this go around than the last. Tough to predict really. Pacquiao should pull it off due to sheer intensity but a dollar or two for the underdog is not a bad gamble.

Would I buy it on PPV? The answer is yes. Why? because their first encounter was great. because their second encounter was great. because their third will be great. These aren't your ordinary boxers. These are the heart and soul which keeps the sport alive.

Hats off to another great match up. If Pacquiao wins, he will truly be considered in my eyes thee P4P champ.

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Morales is much more damaged goods than I anticipated. Barrera should stay away from Pac. Pac and Marquez got some unfinished business and I believe that will be the toughest fight for Pac.

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