[FC5] Bootloader Backlash (Grub4DOS time?)

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Okay, here's how it began, my friend's system had Windows ME and a new hard drive, so I installed Fedora Core 5 to it using the standard install (plus the default installation of the bootloader to the boot sector). But then, I used rescue mode to put Grub in the MBR. The Fedora entry worked, but when I attempted to load Windows ME (automatically configured by the installer), it went black, and it went back to the boot menu again!

(if anyone would like to figure out that part, that isn't the main problem but if you van...)

So, I have decided that I will put back in the Windows ME MBR using a ME boot floppy I made and then use "fdisk /mbr". But then as it's currently setup, we can't get at Linux! So, I have decided that I will use WinGrub and Grub4DOS to boot this system in a way, where we DO NOT modify the Windows MBR at all.

So, here's the problem, how would we exactly setup Grub4DOS to boot Fedora Core 5 properly?

I'm planning on using the config.sys method if anyone wonders

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