[Soccer] Drogba is claiming that he is better than Henry

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Henry is down in form recently but he is like Ronaldinho and can turn on some magic in a split second. While Drogba is on form recently i wouldn't go as far to say he is a better player than Henry.

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All drogba has is some skill to fall down from a standing postion, by the time he is on the floor Henry could of launched an attacked.

Really all Drogba can do is have the strengh to not get tackle, aim then shoot.

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Now let's see...

Thierry Henry (League App - Goals)

1999-00 31 17

2000-01 35 17

2001-02 33 24

2002-03 37 24

2003-04 37 30

2004-05 32 25

2005-06 32 27

Didier Drogba (League App - Goals)

2004-05 26 10

2005-06 29 12

Nah :p. Drogba does not even have a case! He will never be as good as Thierry Henry, or have that elusive "va va voom" factor. But I have to admit, I liked the way Drogba says he plays as Henry on computer games and shoots wide on purpose :laugh:.

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