Who actually does the goalflashes on the BBC site?

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I often see them making mistakes and wonder how they could get things so wrong, and earlier this happened..

1504: That previous entry is completely wrong as for some reason Portsmouth and Villa are dilly-dallying around before the visitors finally get the ball rolling.

1502: Sheffield United's Stephen Quinn goes close to marking his Premiership debut with an early goal, but Charlton keeper Scott Carson makes a good save. Quinn is in for his brother Wayne who was on the bench when these teams last met at Bramall Lane in September 1999.

wtf? Do they have more than one person typing up each match, surely that would just create confusion if it's supposed to be live updates and they could both enter the same info....or completely different details as above.

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The other day, the main score summary said:

Man Utd 1 - 0 Benfica

Even though the goalflash stated that Benfica had gone 1 - 0 up! It's not the only thing though, lately the BBC has been getting far too many "typos" even on BBC News 24. The ticker tape read:

"Tony Blair goes ot America..."

Have they not heard of Spell Check?

As for who does the flashes, it's someone by the name of Caroline, last time I checked on the site. Very poor for a top level newsagency!

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