Ohio State or Florida?

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Ohio State or Florida?

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Florida will get destroyed. OSU only has to stop one receiver, Dallas Clark, and the offense sputters.

I'll even throw out a score:

OSU 51

UF 16

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I wouldn't downplay Florida, guys. At this point, many people are just saying Florida will get owned because they are unhappy with what the BCS did.

In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if this went either way when its kickoff time.

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Why all the comparisons to the 1995 Fiesta Bowl? You all really think that 2006 Ohio State is even sniffing at the heels of that Husker team? Please. And don't forget, we had a totally different way of thinking that season - offense, offense offense, and oh yeah, offense. The 2006 Gators are the complete opposite, they win by defense and they've proven that they can.

It's a month out. Everyone here knows (at least I hope) that winning bowl games relies on preparation first and foremost. Whatever team is the better prepared will win the game. I'll tell you this though: OSU has not seen a defense as quick as UF. And OSU has not beaten a team with a winning record other than Michigan since September. So, how do we know how good they really are?

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So, how do we know how good they really are?

We don't. People just like to think OSU is the best thing since sliced bread because they went undefeated and beat a Michigan team by a field goal in their own turf even though their previous "impressive wins" came to a mediocre Iowa team in September and a Texas team that well...we all know where they are headed this bowl season.

Having said that, they went undefeated and I give them credit because like I said, its very tough winning week in and week out in college football and they are being rewarded for that.

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