CroCop & UFC?

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The story regarding the offer from UFC is real, although the amount isn't in millions like it has been reported. CroCop's decision will be known by Sunday.

"Like any fighter I'm also on the market. Offer from UFC is slightly better than PRIDE's, but I haven't decided if I will change 'jerseys'. Only thing I can say right now is that I'm not sure if I'll fight in Saitama on NYE."

Mirko also said that he received an additional offer from another U.S. organization.

I really hope he signs, Brandon Vera seems to be the only decent heavyweight in UFC doing anything these days.

Tim Sylvia sucks, lets hope CroCop beats the living hell out of him, just like he did Bob Sapp (Y)

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CroCop would quite simply own the UFC. The PFC heavyweight class to the UFC heavyweight class is like going from the big leagues to the minors as far as talent is concerned.

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Yeh thats exactly what i was thinking.

A fight i would love to see is CroCop Vs Andre Arlovski, they both have very similar fighting styles and knockout power.

Lets hope it happens :D

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