[Soccer] West Ham sack manager Alan Pardew

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So, new owners, new ways of working. However, despite the tough time, I'm not entirely convinced that sacking Alan Pardew was the best solution to the problem... Oh well, it's done now. Here's to media frenzy with Sven Goran Eriksson, or same old crap with Alan Curbishley!

Source - BBC News

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A bit surprised to be honest, especially after what he has done for them in the last few seasons. I never really rated him as a manager but he certainly got the job done for West Ham, it is just a shame they never stuck by him as I am sure he could of turned the clubs problems around. To be honest, I would blame the players rather than the manager for the clubs recent demise.

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The club has been unrest for a few years, and now it has caused some rather rash things to happen, i still got no idea why the hell the argies are at west ham.

So far the bbc have got


7/4 Alan Curbishley

6/1 Sven-Goran Eriksson

7/1 George Graham

14/1 Glenn Hoddle, David O'Leary, Iain Dowie

Odds provided by betdirect on 11 December

Out of that lot i would go for Alan, he has a long staying power and did pretty good job with charlton, but in my eyes he's a manger that can bulid his team and run it. So not quite sure how it would pan out for him to go in at west ham. Sven, He can't do english international then he can't do a prem side.

I would not for any of the 14/1 people, best off in the championship league. Accept maybe Glenn Hoddle.

If there is a manager i would like to see back in the prem it's Alan Perrin, sure he had a rough time with portsmouth but he has a good eye for talent and had some good tatics, only problem was poor people skills which he has now admited which costed him his job. But that would be a longshot

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Looking at the list of favourites, most of the choices are not entirely exciting.

Alan Curbishley is a good manager but you just get the feeling it'll be the same old stuff as Pardew. Out of this pack, would have to be probably the best of the contenders. However, he did spend 14 years at The Valley and won what exactly? (Promotion don't count!) You get the feeling he'll keep West Ham in the Premiership, but not much else!

Sven, personally, I don't think he can manage any top tier team! I mean, he only got the England job for getting fired from Lazio. That tells it's own story. I've not even started on Nancy, Ulrika, Faria and whoever the next money spinning kiss 'n' tell bimbo is gonna be!

George Graham, no, just no... :pinch:

Glenn Hoddle, this would be a big mistake, he's had far too many faliures with decent teams. Wasn't really impressive with Southampton, a total flop with Tottenham and lets not even mention his admiration for the disabled and England! :whistle:

David O'Leary, hard choice to call. He can do wonders with youngsters as he showed with Leeds, but in more recent times just look at Aston Villa under his management, and look at them now under Martin O'Neil. 'Nuff Said!

Iain Dowie, again, no, just no...

The new board have had the guts to get rid of Pardew early (albeit, a bit of a harsh firing, but it was coming), something Terence Brown would have never done and only had sacked him if we had been relegated. Let's just hope they don't make another "Terence Brown Decision" and hire a crap coach or worse still promote Kevin Keen or Keith Peacock! West Ham have a BIG set of players, they need a BIG manager!

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The Argie curse.

I have to say its bout time...loosing so many games with a decent squad, there is a prob somwhere.

Yeah there is a problem and it's not the manager, it's our under-performing players for example Reo-Coker, he has been awful this season.

Just read on Sky Sports website that Curbishley is interested in making a return to the Hammers as their manager. And after all, Curbs is a West Ham boy through and through so glad to see it's him wanting the job and not some ****ing Swede or Brazilian. Hopefully Curbs can sort out the minority of under-performing players and make them earn their wages instead of doing **** all.

I'm also looking forward to the January transfer window so we can bring in a few new players.

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West Ham got a really good squad, they don't really need any extra players. Plus the manager will not have time to look at the team and think whos good and whos got to go.

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Well, we definately need backup centre backs. James Collins and Jonathan Spector just aren't ready for the big time! Daily is getting on a bit/Already has. We don't have a backup left back, and don't mention that wally McCartney! Left Midfield is just Etherington and Benayoun (Although he is naturally Right Midfield), so we need someone to back them up too. See the pattern here? We don't have decent players to backup the squad if others get injured/suspended. I just hope the new guy signs some decent players. Why on Earth Pardew signed Mears and Cole just baffles me! He should have kept Scaloni seeing as he was on a free at the end of the season. Albeit he should have let the ball go off and not made that silly excuse of a clearance that led to Gerrard's wondergoal in the FA Cup Final. :(

Yeah there is a problem and it's not the manager, it's our under-performing players for example Reo-Coker, he has been awful this season.

Ditch Reo-Coker and play Mascharano, just cause he's captain doesn't make him untouchable! Make him earn his way back into the side. Play Tevez as a striker.

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Alan Curbishley named West Ham Manager!

Alan Curbishley has been unveiled as the new manager of West Ham.

Chairman Eggert Magnusson moved quickly to appoint the former Charlton manager after sacking Alan Pardew on Monday.

"I am absolutely delighted that Alan has agreed to join us," said Magnusson. "He's a manager with a proven track record and a real love for the club."

Curbishley and his assistant Mervyn Day, both former West Ham players, take charge for the first time against Manchester United on Sunday.

"If you'd said to me when I was at West Ham at the age of 16 that one day I'd be manager I would have thought it impossible," said the new manager, who played for West Ham between 1975 and 1979.

"I'm deeply delighted. It's a privilege to be here and I'm looking forward to lifting us out of the position we're in at the moment."

A poor run of results saw the struggling Hammers slide into the relegation zone and the 4-0 defeat to Bolton prompted Magnusson to sack Pardew.

Curbishley added: "I feel disappointed for Alan Pardew, he is someone I know very well. But this is the world we live in at the moment."

Curbishley, who was interviewed for the England manager's job earlier this year, left Charlton in May after 15 years in charge.

His last game at the Addicks was against United.

Source - BBC Sport

Well, that sure didn't take long and was almost 99.9% a certainty the minute they decided to fire Alan Pardew. Good luck to him, he's got a hard job restoring the morale in what seems to be a not so harmonious dressing room at the moment. First things first, lets see if he can get us back up the table, maybe even in a UEFA Cup spot. Maybe even another FA Cup run... [/Wishful Thinking!] :p


hahaha..."Sack" You Soccer peeps sure say funny things. :)

What's so funny about "sack"? :huh:

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I think for the time Pardrew was there he did as good as he could have done. I think the point at which it all started to tumble for him as when Tevez and his buddy (can't remember how to spell his name!!) turned up.

Now that Curbishley is there I think its going to be a very good period for West Ham - He is a detirmed and highly experienced manager and I am sure he will do the job just as good as Pardrew if not much, much better.

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Sacked is more of a European term. Most Americans use "fired", from what I know.

Both are prevalent in Canada. It doesn't sound strange to me at all.

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