AI going to Denver Nuggets

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its not set in stone yet

but looks like AI for Andre Miller, Joe Smith, and 2 - 2007 First Round Draft Picks

this Denver team will be fun to watch and I think Andre Miller will help out the 76ers big time

it will be interesting how the 31.6 ppg and 31.2 ppg bond together, my guess is they will both average around 22 to 26 ppg instead like Ray Allen/Rashard Lewis

still very nice to see something like this to change up the league a bit

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a ball hogging poing guard and a ball demanding forward (?)

should be interesting to say the least. is there a bigger duo in the nba right now? except for maybe dwade and shaq, but then they are completely different positions.

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Forget the Melo and Iverson issues, what about the rest of the dudes on the team? J.R. Smith has been solid this year, how will he try to get in his shots? What about the hustle? Iverson loves to put it all out there, and at least in Philly he had guys like Igudoala (sp) and Korver who played hard. From what I've seen of the Nuggets this year, they are a bunch of underachievers.

We'll see what happens...but I have a hard time picturing how this will work out.

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