my fantasy football dilemma

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championship game this sunday

should i go ladell betts vs. st. louis or willie parker vs. balt (already have tiki barber going against new orleans)

my qb choice is drew brees vs. NY or Eli vs. NO or Phillip Rivers vs. Sea (im leaning towards Brees, hes the only reason i've made it this far

my WR are TO, harrison and TJ Houshsoriejuaoiuw (Cincinatti guy)...i have the Cinnc. Kicker, Todd Heap as TE and Baltimores defense, so my team does not seem to have a weakspot

so I think Im set for the win unless Peyton decides to throw 4 TD's again (my opponent has Peyton and Reggie Wayne)

let me know who you think I Should go with! im guessing i'll go with betts just cause Baltimores D has looked awesome the past 4 weeks or so

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