Best audio setup for price?

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I recently bought a Samsung LNS3251 and now I'm planning on setting up the rest of my theater area with an audio setup. My budget is $500 and so far from what I see that's available my best bet would be to buy one of those home theater in a box setups, my setup is upstairs so I don't want a high-powered sub to cause chaos downstairs, but I want to be able to feel the bullets behind me during the movies. :D

I'm a n00b when it comes to these things, so I'm not sure what kind of system to go for. At this moment I've got my mind set on this home theater system(how good is it anyway?), but another factor in my mind is how often do you buy a home theatre, so I don't want to rush myself into buying a crappy system either. I'd like to buy tower/tall-boy speakers because I don't really like the idea of having speakers sitting on the ground behind/infront of you. Any ideas or tips? :)


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I haven't heard that Pioneer system you linked to, i have heard a lower end model and cringed at the tin can sound it produced. You would definitely want to listen to it before hand. As for the speakers, why not just get speaker stands with a system? Most of these systems with floor standing speakers give you crappy speakers. Companies like Denon and Onkyo put out very nice bookshelf speaker systems that could easily sit on a stand.

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