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This thread is here simply for reference. From now on, please post your Gamertag (and any other gamer IDs) in our official Neowin Gamers Index

It's a much better way to organize and index all the individual gamertags for the entire forum than what we had previously. (props to American Ninja) Instead of perusing through that huge thread for GTs, just check the first post.

Just post your GT and I'll check the thread regularly to update the index. You can also PM DirtyLarry or gigapixels if you wish for your GT to be added. smile.gif


Your Username = Your XBL Gamertag (Your Online GT =

To see what games a user owns, either click his/her Gamertag or check this thread.

Forum Staff/Veterans

bangbang023 =
bmaher = RandomSwine
BroChaos = BroChaos
creamhackered = creamhackered
DirtyLarry = NJ DirtyLarry
Giga = TastyTerrorist
gigapixels = gigapixels
LOC = LordLoC
PabUK = PsiPab
PureLegend = PureLegend
Ritsuke = monyko
SHoTTa35 = ThreeFive
simon360 = simon386
Timan = Timan25
Ste = steroberts89

Forum Subscribers

American Ninja = AmericanNinja1
Apoptosis = ManiK Jr
BeLGaRaTh = oO BeLGaRaTh Oo
cloudstrife13 = cloudstrife713
houlty = houlty360
Lexcyn = Lexcyn
MichaelBL = Sethos88
Mx? = JamesProud
nfin1ty = enc0de
NoLiMiT06 = NoLiMiT06
Orange = The Marine007
Toastyone = Toastyone
troist = troist
vlsi0n = vlsi0n

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Good idea. (Y)

dnast = dnast97

Edit: Added Games

Full Games

Gears of War

Viva Pinata

Saints Row

NBA 2k7


Burnout Revenge




Marvel UA


Tony Hawk's Project 8

R6:V (soon)

Arcade Games

Small Arms



um...well a bunch of other games I don't really play anymore

Man, I didn't realize how many games I've sold. :|

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Meshuggah = Meshuggah86 (ooops, there is no space in my name, Giga please correct this)

Games Owned:

Retail Games:

Amped 3

Big Bumpin' (BK Game)

Call Of Duty 2

Call Of Duty 3


Dead Or Alive 4


Madden 07

Need For Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Perfect Dark: Zero

Pocketbike Racer (BK Game)

Project Gotham Racing 3

Rainbow Six: Las Vegas

Ridge Racer 6

Saint's Row

Sneak King (BK Game)

Superman Returns

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007

Viva Pinata

Xbox Live Arcade:

Assault Heroes


Bankshot Billiards 2

Bejeweld 2

Crystal Quest


Feeding Frenzy



Geometry Wars: Evolved

Hexic HD (Free)

Jewel Quest


Lumines Live!

Marble Blast Ultra

Mutant Storm Reloaded




Robotron: 2084 (Free)

Small Arms

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting

Texas Hold 'em (limited Free)

TotemBall (Free)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Uno (Free)

Wik: Fable Of Souls

Heh, didn't realize this list would be massive. I play most of these games, if not all, randomly of course, or if someone asks me to play with them. Anyone who enjoys my posts, I encourage them to add me for some XBL fun.

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By the way guys, it wouldn't be a bad idea to also post what games you play along with your GT. ;)

Heh, I was gonna do that but nobody else did before me...and I'm lazy.

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Not a problem, I added online profile links to the index. Easier that way for you lazy folks. :santa:

Doh! Now you say something after I went back and edited my post. :laugh:

I do like the idea of linking profiles, though. This index will be pretty useful. (Y)

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Ironman273 = Ironman273

I rent stuff and don't get that much time to play so not really anything specific :\

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soLoredd = soLoredd

Regularly play: Rainbow Six: Vegas, Gears of War, NCAA Football 07, NBA 2K7. Just picked up Viva Pinata as well

XBLA: Street Fighter II, UNO, Texas Hold Em

I'm going to be picking up PGR3 and Dead or Alive 4 this weekend

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Great Idea. (Y)

As Giga said if you do not update it within lets say 12 hours of you posting your name, feel free to PM us. :yes:

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my GT is MSXNA. :shifty: :whistle:

I'll will show up on XBL at any time 24/7 if you want to chat or play something just PM me (translation: if you want an easy prey to feast your lust for blood... or candy). :laugh: :rofl: :p

also; for all of you Pi?ata Gardeners, what if we set up the Neowin Pi?ata Market (NPM) to trade Pi?atas, accessories or whatever you may need to make your garden a blast.:happy:p:yes:es:

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here i am :)


Think i should change my neowin name to match? I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now... how much do i like that tag... maybe i should find another tag and then change both names? OH well.. it's that for now so add me for some curb stompin in GOW.

Below in my sig you can see what games i'm playing :)

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stifler6478 = andromeda6478

Games I own (and would play if asked):

Halo 2

Gears of War

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Call of Duty 2/3

Dead or Alive 4

Burnout Revenge



Texas Hold'em


(those are the only MP ones I have)


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