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Backing up gmail email?



Simple question really - how do you backup your whole gmail inbox?

No problem if you have like 2 or so emails, but if you have 100s?

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Guest Jeremy of Many

I use the built-in Mail client in the Opera web browser to do this. Whenever I get e-mail, it gets imported via POP3 to my HDD and deleted from Gmail. I love the Opera mail client, so easy to use.

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You can setup any email client with POP3 support to download all your Gmail messages. It will only take a while the first time you do it :p

You can configure Gmail, under POP and Fowarding, to leave his copy in the Inbox, even tough it gets downloaded via POP3 to another email client. Gmail has link on how to configure almost every Email Client under the POP and Fowarding tab.

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