Colbert in OHL rivalry with Oshawa mayor

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SAGINAW, Mich. (CP) - Late-night funnyman Stephen Colbert had a lot riding on Friday night's Ontario Hockey League game between the Saginaw Spirit and the Oshawa Generals.

The host of the satirical news program "The Colbert Report" (pronounced coal-BEAR RAY-pore), has thrown his support behind the Spirit in recent months after learning that the Michigan team had named its mascot Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle, as a tribute to him.

Colbert has since done some trash-talking about other OHL teams, particularly the Oshawa Generals.

After the Generals recently beat the Spirit on home turf, the Oshawa team held its annual teddy bear toss for charity. Colbert took mock offence and aired footage of the stunt, calling it "an obvious attempt to taunt me."

In retaliation, he encouraged Saginaw fans to throw General Motors annual earnings reports on the ice during Friday's game against the Oshawa Generals in Michigan. He even posted a downloadable link to the financial reports on his website.

That prompted Oshawa Mayor John Gray to issue a challenge to Colbert on a local radio station.

Gray said if the Oshawa Generals win the game, Colbert must wear a Generals jersey for an entire show. However, if the Spirit wins, Gray must declare Colbert's birthday "Stephen Colbert Day" in Oshawa.

Colbert accepted the challenge on his show Thursday night, but said he wants his day to be declared on Gray's birthday, March 20.

"Listen up Gray, I'm not afraid of you," said Colbert.

I hope we win the game our team is awesome and I still have yet to goto the new area we got.

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I could justify the Media Room or the Sporting Arena but this is not related to personal technology.

[Thread Moved from BFN to The Sporting Arena]

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5-4 final Oshawa Generals lose

and we have to call Stephen Colbert day on march 20th now for years to come

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lmao that is amazing. this guy is really spreading his name around. first he gets a bridge named after him, then he takes on the decemberists, now he has a whole day named after him. that is amazing.

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Colbert Day for Oshawa

January 27, 2007

Sunaya Sapurji

Sports Reporter

The ice was littered in Saginaw, Mich., last night. The first projectiles were loose pages of the General Motors annual report. They was followed by a flurry of teddy bears. One account told of a plastic fish being tossed.

There was a hockey game last night between the Saginaw Spirit and Oshawa Generals. But the bizarre antics were the result of a bet, viewed by millions across North America.

The wager was between Stephen Colbert, the satirical host of The Colbert Report, and Oshawa mayor John Gray.

The terms were simple: If the Generals won, Colbert would wear a Generals jersey. If they lost, Oshawa would declare March 20, Gray's birthday, `Stephen Colbert Day.'

Colbert accepted the challenge on his show Thursday night.

With their 5-4 win over the Generals last night, the Spirit have ensured the American host will have his party in Oshawa.

"I'm always disappointed when the Gens lose," said Gray last night from a fan bus heading home. The mayor said he hoped to talk with Colbert's people on Monday to honour the bargain.

"We'll give him an open invitation," Gray added.

The Colbert Report's obsession with the OHL team began in September, when the Saginaw named their mini-mascot Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle, after the show launched an aggressive internet campaign asking fans to vote for the name. Since then, the show has featured regular updates on the team's progress.

When Oshawa held their Teddy Bear Toss last month against Mississauga, Colbert feigned offence since his show contends bears are the "number one threat to America." In retaliation, Colbert posted a link to GM's annual report on his website and asked fans to toss it at the Generals, who are named after the car manufacturer.

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