England 07-09 Home Shirt

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Hey all, i work at a sports shop and we got the new england shirts in on Thursday, didnt get a look until today, and im not that impressed.

i couldnt get pictures today, but ill try get a picture tomorrow (if my area manager isnt looking) or if thats not possible, Monday.

Its a plan white jersey made of this new material supposedly, on the left breast is the badge, and the lone star.

Just above the right breast is the red umbro diamond. and across the front shoulders is a red line from left to right.

On the shouler on the right i *think* was just plain, but on the left it is kinda like blue diamonds, and down the ribs on either side is parts of the 3 lions all the wayu down.

Its hard to picture lol, but ill get pictures.

I didnt see the goalie shirt but i know its a dark blue.

Oh and if anyone wants to get it cheapest...Sportsworld/Harvgreaves/Lilywhites/Donnay stores have them for ?31.49 (JJB is ?44.99), comes out Tuesday 6th Febuary, ill be finishing college early to get some extra hours in to cope with the high demand we expect.

Pictures coming soon =D

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