[Soccer] Arsenal in talks with U.S. billionaire

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Arsenal are in 'advanced talks' with 'a billionaire American sports tycoon, Stan Kroenke, about forming a ground-breaking partnership with Kroenke's Major League Soccer franchise, the Colorado Rapids', according to The Independent.

Although the proposed deal would 'primarily focus on Arsenal's push for expansion in America', the report is at pains to depict Kroenke, a 59-year-old property magnate, as a potential investor in the North London club.

Kroenke is described as 'one of America's richest men' and 'a prolific sports investor', with The Indy claiming 'he has watched with interest as his compatriots Malcolm Glazer, Randy Lerner, George Gillett Jnr and Tom Hicks have bought Manchester United, Aston Villa and Liverpool, and is understood to be open-minded about branching out in England himself.'

Arsenal's major shareholders are not believed to be currently considering selling their stake in the club, but 'Kroenke would give them a ready-made option if that changed and Kroenke wanted to expand his interests across the Atlantic.'

As for the proposed alliance with the Colorado Rapids, the deal would see the MLS franchise renamed as either Arsenal Colorado or Colorado Arsenal.

'The Rapids tie-up would give Arsenal access to North American talent, or be an option for young players to gain experience. The tie-up could also see the teams play against each other in friendlies, work on coaching initiatives, and develop players.'


Seems like everyone wants a piece of the EPL lately.

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Most english run teams are in the lower divisons where there is english players who are preparing for the big world of the premiership. It's a great way to start.

But lets face it guys, not many people who are rich in the UK will want to own a football club, they rather have the money in a low tax country. It seems the english start them, and then the other people buy them.

In a couple of years time these people will find out it will be impossible to carry on running these clubs at a very low profit rating.

Seems as the clubs get bigger and bigger they can only be run with money from other countries.

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I quite Arsenal, and they seem to be doing alright. They never spend much money on transfers, instead the mainly invest in youth, which seems to be working so far.

I *think* I read somewhere that Arsenal are ?250 million in debt, obviously due to the stadium move. So maybe a takeover could happen.

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But ?250 debt from a staduim was expected. They would of not bulit, if it they did not have any form of plan in place to pay back the debt back. They would of had a plan in how much they need at least every season to be safe.

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