Premiership refeere's in Championship

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Please forgive me for my rant, but I am so fed up and angry lol.

For some reason, whenever we (cardiff city) get a premiership referee, they are always useless. It makes me wonder how the hell they are premier league refs in the first place. Their decisions seem to be influenced by what league their in, as for some reason, fouls which would have been a sending off in the prem, go unnoticed. Prehaps they get paid a lot more for prem matches? Championship level refs seem to be ok

Example - todays game against leeds utd. Ref was Mark Clattenburg

For all of the first half, and the start of the 2nd, any time the ball went up in the air, the leeds players were all over the back of the cardiff players, pushing, pulling shirts etc. Nothing given. Cardiff player does the same, he gets booked.

We had two players sent off for 2 yellow cards. Chopra's 2nd yellow was for an elbow when he was going for the ball. It looked completely innocent to me, and he hardly touched the player. Leeds commited much worse fouls which wern't given.

Waltons 2nd yellow, well I dunno what it was for. If it was for diving, then thats retarded, because leeds players dived twice for penalties in the 1st half, nothing was done about it.

To top it all off, we had a penalty for handball. A leeds player handled it on the line, which should mean a straight red. Yet he wasn't even booked.

We still won though (1-0), but the referee was pathetic. Two chants stood out for me lol:- "your worse than Graham poll" & "your not fit to referee". Both 100% accurate IMO.

Sorry about the rant lol.

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You raise some very good points. Most referees are crap, and not just in the Premiership either. Being a referee is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the world to be honest, I mean if you make a mistake you will just get slated from everyone and it is not exactly easy to see if a penalty is a penalty these days as more and more players try to con a referee, it is easy to judge on the telly if a penalty is a penalty but in the heat of the moment in a game without slow motion replays I imagine the referee uses "eeny meeny miny moe" or something :p! Even Collina made some mistakes (just ask Everton fans :D).

Referees do need improving in real life, but at the same time people need to understand that it is a difficult job, and not like on FIFA 07 where every decisions is decided by a computer (I even debate some of those decisions).

Phil Dowd and Mike Riley are the worst ref's ever though!

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Holy crap i TOTALLY agree with you mate!

I support Ipswich Town and on Saturday i traveled to the Watford vs Ipswich FA Cup match.... We Had Steve Bennett and he is the worst referee we have ever had!

Did you manage to see the highlights? our player was sent off for a ''Stamp'' when both players were on the floor... We had our striker one on one with their goalie and the ref pulled play back because an Ipswich player was down injured (not a head injury)... Yet when Watford were pushing forward and our player was down injured, Bennett happily allowed play to keep going...

disgraceful, I have sent a letter to The FA and to Four Four Two.. Mainly due to the fact that the FA rescinded our player's red card with only one look at the video tape...

Bennett = W***er

/rant over

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Another point to add...referee's are crap in general, that Greek referee who took charge of Barcelona against Liverpool tonight had a shocker. I was literally about to start throwing things at the television, he was not biased but some diabolical decisions where made all round.

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What a result for Liverpool, Ipswich got cheated again by a Prem Referee, i forgot who it was but he denied us of at least 3 penalties :(

(Yes, i support liverpool too :) )

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