Cage Rage Championships 21

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I'm suprised nobody has been talking about this, it has some amazing fights. Its on April 21st, on Sky Sports (Yes, the same day as UFC 70 in Manchester). They have signed a huge deal to show all Cage Rage events on that channel, which should be good.

Anyway, here is the list of fights for this event..

Robert Berry vs Bob Sapp

Ivan Serati vs Vitor Belfort

Cyborg vs James Zikic (Light Heavyweight Title)

Daijiro Matsui vs Mark Weir

Murilo Rua vs Alex Reid

Rowman Webber vs Mark Epstein

Paul Kelly vs Paul Daley

Cyrille Diabate vs Ryan Robinson

Alex Owen vs Brad Pickett

Xavier Foupa Pokam vs Tom Watson

James E Nicoll vs Matt Ewin

Ill definately be watching this. Also, im eager to know how Cage Rage signed Bob Sapp, and UFC couldnt.

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For some reason I think it was a little silly for Cage Rage to go up against UFC. I just feel that UFC has the bigger draw. Especially the day they hold their first UK event in a while.

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