[MLB] What's a simulated game?

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The terminology is either fairly new or I didn't pay much attention in previous spring trainings but I have come across the term "simulated game" a lot this spring.

That prompted me to google and answer and I thought you guys might want to know (although it's possible that everyone knew but me).

What's a "Simulated" Baseball Game?

Fantasy baseball, for real.

By Daniel Engber

Posted Wednesday, June 22, 2005, at 6:24 PM ET

Pitcher Mark Prior of the Chicago Cubs threw a "simulated game" on Tuesday, his second since he injured his elbow last month. His teammate Kerry Wood is also working to recover from a recent injury; Prior has joked that he and Wood are now fine candidates for the "Simulated Hall of Fame." What's a "simulated game"?

It's an informal scrimmage that allows an injured pitcher to test his arm. Simulated games take place at the stadium, with two or three hitters taking turns in live at-bats against a pair of pitchers. (It may happen that both pitchers are recovering from injuries, but most of the time a healthy teammate or coach is recruited for the exercise.) There are rarely any players out in the field, and there's no umpire behind home plate. Either the bullpen catcher or the pitching coach will call balls and strikes and determine what "happens" when one of the hitters puts the ball in play. If it's a hard line drive, they might say it's a "hit"; a weak grounder would be deemed an "out."



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I'm surprised you've never heard it. It's been fairly common in recent years. As for Prior, I think he's thrown more simulated games than real ones in recent years.

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I've never heard of this and I watch baseball off and on every year :s

You need to follow a team to really know of terms like this. I follow the Yanks and BroChaos follows his Cubs, which would explain why some people know it and some don't. If you just tune in to watch a game here and there, you'll never know these things exist because they don't get much mention.

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