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[Boxing] Barrera vs. Marquez


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So this fight is on tonight on Pay Per View. Usually I avoid pay per view fights since they are just on next weekend, but my brother in law is coming over tonight and we are getting it by splitting the price, although I am definitely disappointed to hear it is not being offered in HD.

However this is two mexican warrior fighters going at it. So looking forward to it.

After watching the special about them last week really not sure who I really want to win, although I am leaning towards Marquez just because he has made some very questionable career decisions that have affected his life directly and he has overcome quite a few odds of his own considering where he is from. Really all I know, well at least what I hope, is that this is going to be one hell of a fight.

So does anyone else plan on getting it Pay Per View tonight?

I will report back either tonight or tomorrow with my thoughts on the fight, but I truly do think this is amongt the top fights of 2007. Lets hope I am right.

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Yep For Free!!!


I knew I should have bought that black box that was offered to me. :laugh:

He wanted 300$, and I only wanted to pay $200, then $225, and he did not budge. Considering this is about my 5th fight in the past two-three years I have ordered, it would have paid off by now. Damn it. :rofl:

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I think Barrera might win after his last 2 fights...well the last one he still looks good...I think when he loses he retires...

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Well I am surprised Marquez won...but kudos to him :)

Questionable referee score cards at best. I thought it should of at least been a draw, but the cards had Barrera losing by an insane amount. Very questionable indeed. Just the ref missing the knockdown was a joke in all regards, although Barrera clearly should not have hit him when he was down.

Even with the undercard fight with Forbes from The Contender fighting Hopkin's nephew, Forbes clearly got robbed.

Just the whole way the Vegas commissioner danced around why Vegas will not implement Instant Replay like Jersey (my state!) is currently trying to employ, just reinforces there is potentially some serious fixing being done in Vegas at times.

It is what harms boxing the most honestly... the casual fan believes at times it is fixed, so why bother watching.

All in all a great fight at times though, but not as great as I thought it was going to be.

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Do you think there will be a rematch?...I hope so...Barrera might just pack it up tho...on a side note anyone see Hollyfield win again...could he become world champion again at 44 :|

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