[Soccer] Riise declared bankrupt by courts

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John Arne Riise has been declared bankrupt by Liverpool County Court for an unpaid debt of around ?100,000.

The Liverpool defender, who is thought to earn around ?50,000 a week, is involved in a legal battle with his former agent, Einar Baardsen.

The case is reported to be linked to an alleged ?3m fraud investigation going through the courts in Norway.

Riise's solicitors are believed to be preparing to go back to court to have the bankruptcy order annulled.

(BBC Football[/b]/b>)

Thats just mad if he earns that much a wee:blink:nk:

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Maybe if company's didn't pay them so much this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

Footballers might have skills but the amount of money they get, then end up being declared bankrupt makes me sick.

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