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Athletic Neowiners? Any competitive athletes?


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Just wondering if anyone is actually a competitive athlete here. I'm finishing university this year (was a long road) and am going to either do competitive mountain biking (was elite class several years back), or I'm going to do triathlons or run marathons. I'm leaving the door a bit open because it depends on how well I can run now. Getting sore shins until I built back up.

Anyone box or martial arts? I'm looking for something good for self-defense and get my general fitness back up. Thinking of boxing, karate or Judo. Any thoughts on that too?

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Well I do Jujitsu...and I find it pretty good for fitness. I suppose it depends on what club you join and in what area as the methods seem to vary quite a bit. I have been a member of a few different clubs in the last five years, my first club was very fitness intensive but that closed down becaue the fella that ran it retired. My second club was pretty lacklustre in terms of fitness and it focused purely on technique, and my current club is a more like my first club and we do a lot of fitness work.

I have heard most Kung Fu clubs focus A LOT on fitness, so perhaps look into that? I do recommend Jujitsu though, you get sooooo sweaty so I must be doing something right :p!

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