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Sony Ericsson K800i Review

Hey Guys, it was time for a new celly and I really really liked the looks opf this one and hope I can provide you with a nice review for you to read. Lots of pics because other reviews will give the words :p.

I've shamelessly stolen Martyn's review on k800i and just filled it in for this phone since im going to compare it a bit. It isnt such a good review but look some other up it's mostly comparing the u600 & the k800i. Keep in mind I dont have a really good camera to capture the u600 but google for better picssaw some here!



Samsung U600 Specifications & Features


2.2 Inch TFT 262k Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)


3.2 Megapixel Camera

Auto Focus

Digital Zoom


Photo Settings

Video Player

Video Recorder

Video Settings



Photo Caller ID


SMS (Text Messaging)

EMS (Enhanced Messaging)

MMS (Multimedia Messaging)


Predictive Text


Music Player (MP3, WMA, AAC & eAAC)

Polyphonic Ringtones

FM Radio

MP3 Ringtones

Vibration Alert

Voice Memo


Java??????€š?š?ž? Games

Downloadable Games

Embedded Games




To Do List








Business Card Exchange







Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)


WAP 2.0


Memory & Talk Time

60 Mbytes plus MicroSD Memory Card Option

Talk Time TBC

Standby TBC

Weight & Size

Weight TBC

103.5 x 49.3 x 10.9 mm

Why the purchase?

One of the reasons why I got this phone is the design of the phone really appealed to me. Also I wanted to have it to have a camera as well that could replace a normal digital camera. The k800I & the nokia n73 are its main competitors but the design of nokia one sucks & my brother has the k800i.

Box contents:

The box looks nice! Check check double check(was too lazy to take a pic and get it too pc so this 1 is stolen!


- u600

- Charger,

- USB cable,

- Headphones and hands free kit,

- Battery,

- PC Suite and drivers,

- Instructions,

Outside Hotness

When I had it in my hands my first thought was : Wow this thing is slim! The phone feels very light but not in a annoying way. In fact it is just right for me. The outside is metal but not like the "LG shine" . With the LG shine you had to remove fingerprints every time you touch it but with this phone you only get that if you touch the screen. The slider feels solid and slides well. It can't get stuck in half-way it is either fully slid out of slid in. The number buttons are fine as well they are easily pressed and of course the touch buttons work great. The round 4way button works nicely as well but then again I don?'t have sausage fingers. the screen lits up nicely and the white glow approaches you when you slide it open. The screen is nice but comparing it to my iPod 30gb it is a bit smaller.



Inside Hotness

The OS of the phone is easy to use and after 5 minutes of fiddling you've probably mastered it. What's really awesome is , well I think it's awesome: The background! I've read some other bloke's review and he has westminister abby as background that is really English. I'm dutch and I've:Dot windmills! :D And it has some nice stuff too like birds fly through the screen, mill is gone when you are looking for a provider, when it's dark outside the mill is in darkness as well. When you've missed a call a plane~cropduster fly's around in your screen. When you get a text message fireworks will start to come up above the mill.


There are twelve icons on the menu:

- call log

- Phone book

- music player

- Browser

- Messages,

- My Files

- calender

- camera

- blue tooth

- applications

- alarms

- Settings,

The Cam

with 3.2 mega pixel camera it's one of its biggest features . Luckily my brother has the rival phone k800i and for comparison I have a 3.2 megapixel normal digital camera(Fujifilm FinePix S304). All pics were taken @ auto. The Finepix had the most problems @ auto. The file sizes are from low to high: ~400kb/pic u600,~650kb/pic k800i,1200kb/Finepix.

- Single shot, multi shot, mosaic shot(multiple pics in some mosaic form)

- sizes

- Macro

- flash

- Timer

- effects

- Frames

- white balance

- ISO modes

- viewfinder mode

A nice feature is the multishot mode, you'll the make 6/9/12 pics and the choose the best one. Then you can discard or keep the ones you like. Nice for taking pics I mean stalking kitties ^^. This works fine and it is fun to make pics of making a beer and then saving em all and making a gif of it and then have it on msn as a custom smiley ^^. Because the u600 has the smallest lens it will probably have the darkest foto'. with higher ISO values you can combat that but that also results in grainer pics(most of the times).

Teh Comparison!

Because my brother needs to leave soon and doenst come back until 2 weeks later I can't make more comparison shots.

The result is like expected u600 makes nice pics but k600i with the bigger lens just wins it. The u600 is hard to keep steady and with macro photo's and the k600i wins it again. You know what they sa:p Siu600ter :p.


Lock Macrou600slot.th.jpg

Garden u600tuin.th.jpg

Flower Macrop><p>Cat :D <a  href=http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/4485/u600cat.K800i


Garden http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/8813/800tuin.th.jpg' alt='800tuin.th.jpg'>

Lock macro 800slot.th.jpg

Flower macro 800bloem.th.jpg

Cat tn_DSCF0025.JPG

Cat tn_FinpixCat1.JPG

Flower tn_Finepixbloem.JPG

Garden tn_Finpixtuin2.JPG

Video Comparison

Keep in mind that these hungry little wolf creatures are called cats and their natural habitat is in ront of our err:pliding glass door :p. The k800i has blue-ish tint and the u600 keeps sharp-ish I forgot to put :/und with the u600 :/ so no sound but that probably will be fine. The u600 can makes video in a better resolution. So the winner is here the u600. Miaaow

Use vlc & quicktime to play.



Dont have alot of bandwith ^^

Linky to rapidshare files : http://rapidshare.com/files/27378841/clipsu600k800i.rar.html

Keep in mind that these are 2 different formats. Can't change format as far as i know.

Battery life

Because this is the 2nd day I have this phone I haven't really gotten to this point but the 1st day I had to recharge after ~8 hours of heavy use --> blue toothing the **** out of it, camera, phoning to all my friends that I've got a new number ~only a few calls & mostly sms.

File exchange

The u600 has some software for file exchange from Phone--> pc and vice versa. It works really nicely and so far I don??????‚?š?š??????‚?š?ž?t have any problems or whatsoever. Just it in and choose on your phone: the software or media player or just storage device. To upload or download from you're telephone to your pc is just dragging & dropping. A downside is that the software is only Win 98/ME/2K/XP compatible, This was all done in XP. I'?m not sure but you can't just plug the phone in any pc and download files from it. I'm not sure of this because I just don't want to mess up my new baby but there was a tag on the usb cable to not just plug it in but to install software first. Then my baby got to use his blue tooth ~700kb photo ~15-20s From k800i to u600, I don't have a BT-dongle so I can't try that.



Final verdict (points out of 10):

Design: 10

Slimness while not stretching it with other phones in length like the razor + genuine hotness.

Features: 8

Everything is on it but if you want you'l probably end up with a smartphone.

Performance: 9

It does all jobs well. The only downside is that photo's are a little on the dark side -LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER- ^^.

This is because of the small lens:Dbr />

Final score: 9

Just pure HOTNESS :D + functional too!

Thanks for r:)ding. I hope you liked it! please give feedback :)

If you have questions i'll try to answer them :p

From my point of view i like the u600 better than the k800i.

More cats!


Action shot! :o


v1 22/04/07

Edited by Baptist
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wow nice phone and great review. Maybe i should consider this if bell brings it out. thanks :D

Thanks, I really love the phone! and only 20 Euro/month @ orange-shop(holland)

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Damn I love Samsung sliders... But I'm on Verizon, and the only one they have isn't like the ones that I like. I'm actually looking at the u740 in black...

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Hmmm, it looks and sounds nice, but not a fan of Samsungs, the menu system seems weird to me. Will have a play in-store.

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Hmmm, it looks and sounds nice, but not a fan of Samsungs, the menu system seems weird to me. Will have a play in-store.

it's almost the same as with k800i.

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Really? Well I shall check it out then. My GF has a d600 and it's a pile of crap.

lol Check check double check

2.jpg <---k800i menu

453628260_d172df3a78.jpg u600 menu

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It's not black and blue. It's black and orange. (or white and orange with the other theme)

When you go the main menu, each icon has it's own colour.

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It's not black and blue. It's black and orange. (or white and orange with the other theme)

When you go the main menu, each icon has it's own colour.


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Great review Baptist! I thought the Finepix garden shot was particularly illuminating. Obviously cell phone cameras still have a ways to go. The lock picture OTOH was quite impressive.

Have you played around with the music playing features of the u600?

How is the sound quality?

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OK, a friend has this and after 2 days loved it but after a week hated it. Says the keypad is one of the hardest he has ever used.

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I was looking at this phone today, it was surprisingly light and the sliding movement was very easy, however it is only on contract here in the UK at the minute so I'll have to wait until it is out on pay as you go before thinking about getting it.

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OK, a friend has this and after 2 days loved it but after a week hated it. Says the keypad is one of the hardest he has ever used.

Keypad is hard though :/. That's one of the neg's of this phone. But you just have to get houst to it, after a month i'll be MASTER of teh keyboard.. muhahaha lol

@ Ron999

I've got an ipod + senheiser cx300 so i'm not listning via included headset. But the sound is kinda nice thru speakers but not very loud but you cant expect that from such a tiny device. I'm now testing the sound for the 1st time.


the headset looks a bit like the old iPod earbuds except they're a bit bigger and that is major suckage because they tend to fall out of your ear relatively easy. The sound is a tiny bit worse compared to the standard (old) Ipod Earbuds. The music really really needs more bass. The music just sounds a bit... flat. I' dont think you can change the earbuds. So you'll probably only use these earbuds if you have lots of earwax so the buds keep in place and want to use it as a handsfree set.

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Anyone know if there are some good programs for it around i know there are some nice ones for other phones where you can add themes and bits and bobs. I cant get the one in the CD working with Vista so im searching for an alternative. Any ideas?

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I've shamelessly stolen Martyn's review on k800i and just filled it in for this phone since im going to compare it a bit.

Shamelessly eh :p

Nice review (Y)

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I have this phone and it is the best phone i have ever used. Nokias are very reliable and very good build quality but never hit the nail with the design.

This thing is sleek, easy to hold, robust and so sexy. I have had people trying to nick it because its so nice (honestly, at the bus stop some somalians tried to jack me).

My dad has the next one up and omg the silver is nice!! i prefer mine though because it is so shiney and the buttons are easy to use.

i rate it 9/10 because there could have been a better load of software added onto it such as customising the fonts, skins and colours.

btw the picture quality is very good, even at its highest resolution.

I live in the UK btw, its available free from most phone providers on monthly contratcs of about ?35

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